Yoga Home Practice – Our Top 10 Tips

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Below I’ve set out my Top 10 Tips for A Yoga Home Practice

Whether you have been down-dogging since the dawn of time or are a total beginner. 
if you have only done yoga in a class environment or even never at all.

You’ll find these tips invaluable.

practicing yoga sat at home

1. Have a dedicated space for your yoga home practice

It feels a lot more like ‘me time’ if you dedicate a specific area in the house to do your yoga home practice from. 
This doesn’t have to be big or spacious and it doesn’t have to be set up all the time of course. As long as you try to use the same place for your yoga every time, it again reinforces the wonderful habit you are creating for yourself.

2. Have everything ready to go.

I like to burn incense sticks or bring some essential oil and have my favourite music, to set a calm and relaxing ambience, adding to your self-care and holistic experience.
So I have these things ready, you could also have the screen to view the class on ready at hand, your yoga mat, and any props or blocks you may need.
You could have your yoga clothes set out waiting for you.

Our Friends Yoga Home Practice

3. Have a dedicated time period.

Now you have your space, the next step is dedicating a specific time during the day for your ‘me time’. 
Put this time in your diary and try to do the same time each day you practice, if possible .
This is another way of building positive habits and routine into your day and keeps you from veering off.

4. Yoga home practice house rules.

Let everyone in the household know, at this time on these days this space belongs to me.
Do Not Disturb! Demand the respect.
There’s nothing more likely to shatter your peace than a child and a wet dog charging in and asking “Mum, what’s for tea?” while you’re concentrating on the instruction and keeping your balance.

5. Be consistent with your yoga home practice

Consistency is king when it comes to forming a new habit. It doesn’t matter how much you do, but getting changed and beginning each time is what forms the habit and habits don’t need will power!

You only need two things to start yoga.

Yourself and No Excuses.

polly standeven

6. Don’t overload yourself.

Set realistic expectations, an hour, seven days a week, starting at 5am each day, is probably a recipe for failure when you take up anything new. Set achievable goals, like showing up and getting ready three times a week. This will be positive reinforcement for your new habit.

7. Do what suits your mood.

Choose a class or style of yoga that suits how you feel at the moment. So for example if I wake up and feel lethargic I might do an energising active flow to get my body feeling energised and open, and if I am feeling anxious or stressed, I might do a calming meditation or a more grounding restorative practice to relax me.

yoga home practice

8. Do the things you love.

I think it is important when you start to develop a home yoga practice that you do not force yourself into yoga styles you simply do not enjoy. 
Like with any form of exercise or activity in life, if we do not like it, we tend not to do it or certainly resent doing it. 
It is more important you fall in love with the style of yoga you enjoy rather than doing what you think you should be doing, this is what will lead you to pursue postures and practices that are more challenging further down the line. 
Do what you love, and you will stick to it!

9. Be kind to yourself.

The desire to be kind to yourself, your body, your spirit and your mind is what brought you to yoga in the first place, so stick to your new habit and do the things you love. But don’t beat yourself up if you have to miss a day, you haven’t wasted all the effort of the previous days.
Call it a rest day and get back on schedule when your next planned session comes around.

10. Pass it on.

I’ve saved the best until last. 
You’ve cared for your body, mind and soul by beginning this yoga home practice and taking this time for yourself. Now it’s time to pay it back, do a loving kindness for someone else, a smile at a passer by, a phone call to a friend or introduce someone you care about to a yoga practice of their own.

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