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“What we don’t love we become until we learn to love and accept it”

This was my message in meditation today.

Funnily enough today is the day I embark on a 40 day kundalini yoga meditation set by one of my beautiful students in our Kundalini sister circle. 

The meditation is the one and only SAT KARTAAR heart meditation. WOW! I tell you this is powerful….

As you chant Sat Kartaar, your hands move out from your heart centre and then slightly out and then fully out to the sides. 

These movements are physically dispersing energy from our centre of love and encompassing the world. By practicing this meditation your heart opens and becomes unstuck.

It’s not just your heart that you start to heal with sat kartaar, but the three minds as well: positive (expansive) , negative (protective)  and neutral (meditative)

If the negative mind is out of balance, the heart feels heavy, closed or in pain which can leave you feeling lacking in some way. 

Qualities of the heart centre are compassion, love and service. The shadow side of the heart space is grief, attachment and heartlessness. So if you’re suffering with anything like this. It might be time to do a little healing! 

We all need healing from time to time and over and over and it is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just part of being a human. 

Recently I’ve  felt out of sorts. I mean come on, we’ve  all been through a collective ‘strange time’ ha! It’s bound to twist a few nerves and leave us feeling disconnected or unnerved. 

 I’ve been spending more time in my head than usual; overthinking and feeling led  by more fear than intuition. I simply want to move back to the heart driven intuitive that moves through life with joy and abundance and creativity. 

Therefore the challenge is accepted 🙂

I already know this challenge will be difficult.

40 days of anything is committing and requires grit and self discipline of the highest form. Especially in a world where laziness and half arsed productivity is encouraged over mastery and integrity. You have to go against the grain because 40 days of meditation is no walk in the park.

I’ve completed many 40 day meditation challenges  in my life and I can tell you it’s 100 percent worth it. In fact, it’s life changing. 


 Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness because it uses physical movement, breathing and sound to directly affect a practitioner’s consciousness,  intuition, increase self knowledge, and unleash the unlimited creative potential that exists within every single one of us. 


 Practicing kundalini yoga meditations for 40 consecutive days breaks habits, negative behaviour around that subject and transforms the practitioner to another level of consciousness. 

If you want to master  something, you must commit!  Make consistency your mantra. 

If you would like to join me on this journey then simply sign up below and you will receive the meditation for free with a few gentle nudges along the way in e-mail format to see how you are getting along with the challenge.

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