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Ok so let’s get stuck into MANTRA and how it can help you with mental and physical health. πŸ™‚

In this blog you will get:

  • A beginners Guide to starting mantra βœ…
  • A Mantra Playlist for focus and healing βœ…
  • A mantra Meditation βœ…

One of the most popular misconceptions about mantra is that it is religious and/ or hippy dippy, chakra aligned, crystal hugging and moon humping music.Β 

(Hmmmm πŸ€” I actually tick most of the above so maybe it is haha)

Anyway whatever it is the misconception. It is a shame really because it has tremendous healing benefits as do mantras in general.

Mantra can be used in many different ways in your life from listening to it, chanting it, mentally reciting it. Mantra can be personal affirmations or it can be more in the form of sounds and vibrations.

Sometimes I use mantras as made up positive affirmations that I say out loud daily to keep me on the right track, and sometimes I use the beautiful healing sounds of the sanskrit language and chant mantra in meditation.

Here in this beginners guide Im going to show you how to bring mantra into your life in different ways.


  • Slows the nervous system creating a calming effect on the brain
  • The relaxed brain decreases blood pressure and improves condition of the heart
  • Improves our concentration and focus
  • You can do it anywhere, anytime. Its convenient
  • Gives steadiness to our mind helping with releasing negativity
  • Releases stress for inner peace
  • Clears mental stress and worldly thoughts

So how can we use mantra during our daily lives to help us feel more connected to the world around us when we feel a little lost or detached or even stressed out.

Because let’s face it, it’s not been an easy ride recently for anyone!

A Beginners Guide to Starting Mantra

How to pick a mantra you want to work with:

Let’s simply start by listening to the sound of the mantra.

It doesn’t matter so much to start with what all the mantras mean, it’s more about finding something you are drawn to and listening to that.

Exercise: Pick a mantra from this playlist you are most drawn to and listen to it during a time of stillness.

Ignore the words for now just imagine your a DJΒ and pick a banger that suits you and your vibe this is more about the frequencies and how it makes you feel than the words etc.

When to listen to manta?

The beauty of mantra is that it is easily accessible and you can listen to it at any time.

It’s like an internal loving intention you are repeating towards yourself. Listen during your daily tasks; in your car or when you’re doing the washing up or cleaning the house, in between work breaks to keep you calm and focused. Basically add it to your daily life like music.

Or to become even more connected to the sound, listen to it during a meditation. Below I have given you a step by step guide to setting up your meditation.


So now we know what mantras are, let’s look at how to do mantra meditation for beginners. You can use the script below for a simple mantra meditation practice.

  • Sit comfortably in a peaceful area where you will not be distracted. Sit with good posture, placing your feet shoulder-width apart. Let your spine be long but relaxed. Gently close your eyes.
  • Begin to breathe mindfully. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Watch as your breath moves through your body entering through the nose, moving down into the diaphragm, and then out through the nose and mouth.
  • Begin to listen to or recite your mantra.
  • Time the mantra so it works with your breath (so you are chanting the mantra without altering your breathing pattern).
  • Focus your mind on the sound of the mantra. Imagine that you are placing your mind inside the mantra. Aim for oneness with the mantra.
  • Observe how at times your mind gets pulled away from the mantra. Essentially, you become distracted. When this happens, gently return your focus to the mantra and continue to meditate on the sound.
  • Continue for 108 breaths or 3-11 minutes
  • Note that for some meditation mantras, and especially Kundalini Yoga mantras, you will also need to follow the musical notes for the mantra.

Once you have started to enjoy listening to the mantra. You might decide to look up the name of the mantra you are liking and learn how to say it so that you can start to pronounce it properly and chant or mentally recite it.

Below I have attached a little kundalini yoga mantra meditation for focus and inner peace. This kundalini mantra can be used to calm the mind and bring a sense of focus and inner peace into the body.

Every thought or feeling we have has its own vibratory frequency.

Mantra tunes us into the higher frequency.

The mantra we are using here is:

For some this might be really whacky and you might feel a bit silly but leave that shit at the door!

This stuff really is magical. All you need to do is come at it with an open mind and have fun too! It is fun, don’t let these words put you off, have a smile and a giggle to yourself if you need to.

Just let yourself go and fall in love with the practice!

It really works!

Give it a go double dare ya!Β 

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