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The change starts with you

If you want to make a difference in the world, the change starts with you.

 “Life only supports that which supports life. A dominant species that voraciously consumes life and never regenerates it will eventually consume all life and consequently, itself”.

This statement could’nt be more relevant to our current situation with climate problems and even covid-19. Sailesh, is the author of this fabulous book that I found this statement from  Carbon Dharma: The occupation of the Butterflies.
A call to undo the planetary damage done by the human species in its present or what Sailesh describes as the caterpillar stage!

I can’t help but think that mother earth has trapped all the humans into their homes because we have been put on the naughty step.

Change is happening, but is it permenant?

It’s ironic that just in the small amount of time we have been locked down that our planet/ nature has started to heal and regenerate.
For example, waters in Venice’s river are the clearest they’ve been in over 60 years. Air pollution has dropped substantially due to less traffic on the roads thus burning less fuels giving the air a much needed break.

New York’s carbon monoxide emissions are reducing by as much as 50% and China’s C02 emissions have reduced by a quarter which will no doubt have a ripple effect globally.

The change starts with you

The way we were going prior to this lock down was unsustainable to our planet earth, our home. But as the dominant species we still keep on been unkind to the eco-system that we need to stay alive ourselves. Reminding me of an old Indian Prophecy:


 “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat… Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money”

So, how can Ahimsa (the concept of non-harm, non-violence) or establishing nonviolence as the central principle in our relationship with nature be the key to an effective and lasting environmental movement?  

For Hindus, Jainis and Buddhists, hurting or harming another being damages one’s karma and obstructs advancement towards liberation.
This means no harm to other beings, animals or living organisms.

In modern times, Mahatma Gandhi is a admirable example of a devoted practitioner of ahimsa, advocating ecological practices which created harmony with nature.

What we eat and what we do… “The change starts with You”

It is not sustainable to crave more and more natural resources without changing our lifestyle and been more aware of how we can harm our environment less.

All aspects of our modern life – our mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, global and social and so on will thrive greatly if we first become nonviolent in maybe even the most basic activity: eating

How can we make more conscious and kind choices when we choose our food?
Can it be more locally sourced to save on pollution and be kind to the environment?
Could it be that we ate less meat?

The change starts with You, there's no plan B

Less is More

Consuming less, could it be that that simple?
One of the biggest ways we impact the planet is through the amount of “stuff” we consume, including single-use, disposable items.
It takes energy and resources to make disposables that are only used for a few minutes before being thrown out.

Going no/zero-waste can sound intimidating but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Lower the impact of your lunch by trading out disposable items with reusable or recyclable ones. Maybe we could turn things off every now and again. We use a lot of energy as part of our daily living. However, conservation is an essential part of energy efficiency. No one’s suggesting you go without your I-phone or laptop, but I bet there is at least one thing at home that you could unplug without noticing. How about a phone charger, when it’s not being used? The change starts with you!

There are many mindful actions and small changes we can do to be kinder and cultivate more AHIMSA into our daily lives to save the earth, our home!  And eventually save ourselves and these small actions taken by every individual will be the change.

Change starts with you.

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