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I’m Andy Scott the nutrition and fitness advisor to North and Soul, for over 30 years I’ve been studying and coaching people to better health. 
I believe every one of us can make positive changes to our health through activity, what we eat and mindfulness. We can all improve our future health outcomes, irrespective of our age and present health status.

If you are overweight (BMI over 25), stressed, lacking energy or have hypertension, you may be heading for the life described above, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

My passion is to show everyone how simple it can be, to be healthy, full of energy and free from these debilitating lifestyle diseases. All it takes is small alterations in lifestyle and food choices.

The solution to avoiding and reversing obesity and these lifestyle diseases is staggeringly simple, its just a matter of being able to see the wood from the trees, not the easiest of tasks in today's world of fake news, exaggerated claims and misinformation.

But don’t worry you can rely on our expertise to cut through the noise and deliver you the truth. 
So why not allow North and Soul to be your guide to a healthier, happier and hopefully longer life by Subscribing to our blog and follow us on the social medias to keep up to date.

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