Taming the lizard.

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The human brain is so irrational and the mother of all contradictions.

We say one thing and then we do something totally different. 

I think peacefulness comes from when what we say and what we do marry up. 

We say we want to be successful but we sabotage our progress by not sticking to the things we know make us succeed. 

We say we want to be healthy and feel alive  but then we sit around and eat things that aren’t designed for humans.

We say we want to read loads of books and educate ourselves, but instead we scroll or watch TV and moan that we have no time for all the good stuff. 

We say we want to feel mentally and emotionally balanced so that we can have a better relationship with ourselves and with others, but we’re not willing to do the daily habits that calm us the hell down. 

We are just a big walking contradiction. 

We look up to people who have mastered a domain; a writer who writes best sellers, an athlete  who completes something we deem impossible, a child who has the ability to see the goodness and joy in every moment, somebody who chooses to live their life to the beat of their own drum, a master piano player, an artist who sets our soul on fire with their beautiful expression. 

We all have this ability to focus on something special; our gift, a discipline, a zest for life. We all have the ability to override our contradictions and choose a way to live and feel that suits us.

We have the ability to marry up what we say and what we do with integrity and truth. 

It’s all about getting to know the master saboteur.

And would you have guessed the master saboteur is a little  prehistoric part of our brain often referred to as the ‘lizard brain’ in psychology. 

The lizard brain is a physical part of your brain that has been implicated as the seat of emotion, addiction, mood and lot’s of other mental and emotional processes. 

It’s the part of the brain that is phylogenetically very primitive. 

In kundalini yoga we call this part of the brain the negative mind. The negative mind is needed and has an important job,  it protects us. It would warn us of a fire in our house or a wild animal trying to eat us. 

Try this kundalini yoga video to help you with self sabotage.


The lizard brain is in charge of fight or flight, feeding, fear and reproductive drive. It likes to keep us wrapped up in cotton wool, safe, guarded.

The lizard hates risk, it hates creativity or anything that ignites our spirit. 

It’s boring really.

In fact, I like to refer to the lizard brain as the health and safety CEO of the human experience. 

Want to know why we say one thing and do another? 

Our spirit, our heart, our positive mind wants to do the thing that progresses our life. It has all the best intentions. So we say it, because we want it. But as we’re putting our hiking boots on, the lizard gets its little sticky paws out and unties our laces and tells us to sit back down, curl up and stay put. 

Now you’ve heard about your primitive saboteur, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to challenge it next time? 


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