Surviving Covid 19

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We saw on the news last week some interesting stats about the Corona Virus, and while the government advice of washing hands and social distancing are the only things that we can do to prevent us from getting the virus, maybe there are things we can do that increase our chances of Surviving Covid 19.

What We Learned Last Week

The main risk factors against us surviving Covid 19 or becoming seriously ill with it are:

  • Smoking
  • Age over 70
  • Some underlying health conditions
  • Male (75% of serious cases in the UK are men)
  • Overweight (over 70% of serious cases in the UK have a BMI (body mass index) over 25)
  • Type Two Diabetic
  • High Blood Pressure

Metabolic Age

Some of these we have no influence over, like gender and our age, or do we?
Ok, gender we’re stuck with, but age maybe not, the virus doesn’t look at your birth certificate to decide if to attack you does it?

picture of elderly lady. The elderly have less chance of surviving covid 19

It’s more a case of how you’ve aged inside, have you looked after yourself? how old are you for your years? or your metabolic age.

Metabolic age looks at your basal metabolic rate compared to the average for your age in years. It’s natural that our metabolism slows as we age, and the degree to which it slows can be a good indicator to our overall health for our age.

The main thing that would affect this is our lean body mass, our muscle.
Muscle mass naturally decreases with age due to changes in hormone levels and reduced activity levels, use it or lose it!

The Bad News

Of the other main factors in surviving COVID 19, smoking, overweight, T2 diabetic, high blood pressure and some underlying health conditions like some heat disease, these are mostly choices. Ok we didn’t choose the disease, but we did choose the lifestyle that gave us the disease.

Picture of a smoker. Smoking is a Covid-19 risk factor.

The lifestyle choices we make in the large part, determine whether we succumb to any of these ailments.

So, that’s the bad news.

The Good News

The good news is all these things are reversible to a greater or lesser extent and they are so related to each other that it doesn’t take much to see a dramatic positive change in general health. 

What You can Do

So how do we change them? If the problem is with our lifestyle, then that’s what needs to change if we want to lower our risk from this virus and new outbreaks that may follow in the future.
There’s been a corona virus that seriously affected humans in each of the last three decades, with SARS 2002 and MERS 2012 and now COVID-19, so there’s probably going to be more in the future.

No matter what conspiracy theory your into health and fitness will see you through

Meal of healthy salad. eat better be healthier, and survive covid 19

But just what do we mean by lifestyle change?
Mainly, it’s what we eat and what we do; diet, exercise and activity, but state of mind and stress levels will have a bearing also.

We’ll tackle each of these topics in turn in future episodes beginning with diet, meal planning, and cooking and finish the series with exercise and how we can measure our progress week by week.

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