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Creating self love

As we face such collective uncertainty, there is only one thing we can be certain of and this is how we choose to spend our time in self isolation.
Our reality as we know it has come to halt. We are now faced with the challenge of being still and finding self love.

In a world of human doing, we must now embody our true nature of human being. We’ve collated some tools for transformation, followed by some acts of self love that can be used during this difficult time, in order to turn your space of self isolation into a self love creation!

self love


The first tool is to cultivate self-love is to SURRENDER:
In our current climate, we have to surrender to the fact that right now, there is nothing we can do to change this collective chaos. This situation is beyond our personal control, the only control we hold is how we each respond. By surrendering, you are allowing yourself to accept what is and in doing so, freeing yourself from the mental constraints of a situation which is out of your reach.


This of course brings me onto the next ACCEPTANCE:
We can spend our time obsessing over the fear mongering nature of the media, become infatuated with conspiracy theories and ruminate over speculative figures of death tolls – which will inevitably lead you into fear. OR we can choose to truly accept what is happening. By responding with acceptance, we can begin to conquer fear and in doing so, become present within ourselves.

self love


This leads me onto the next tool of  PRESENCE:
We are being forced into the now moment, which incidentally is what ancient teachings of our ancestors have been raving about for mileina! BE HERE NOW, just as guru Ram Dass preached (a book I would highly recommend for these times of uncertainty) and in more more recent years, Ekhart Tolle in his teachings of The Power of Now. As our patterns fall away, our daily routines and future plans, we are forced into the present moment, which is all that really exists. However, in this presence awareness, undoubtedly emotions will arise.


Which leads onto MINDFULNESS:
Be mindful of what is arising right now. There is a collective pool of emotion, fear, shock, grief and becoming still can awaken trauma within yourself but also trauma within the collective. This collective slowing down is allowing us to become mindful of where we need to heal. Watch your internal space, tune into your triggers and ask yourself WHY does this make me feel uncomfortable? Stop focusing on the external and how others are responding to this trauma and notice your own reactions.


Next, give AWARENESS to your emotions:
Compare how watching the news has navigated your internal world in comparison to a yoga class. Give awareness to the fluctuations in your emotional response and in doing so, become the master of your internal space. Get to know what makes you angry, fearful, joyous, peaceful and then use this awareness as tools to build a stronger and more loving self.

self love


The next thing that comes to mind is BE GENTLE:
Be gentle to yourself. These are turmoultous times, it’s okay to feel like a yo yo, for your moods to fluctuate like the weather. It’s OKAY TO BE SAD, it’s okay to be a beam of light. What ever is arising for you, just be gentle with yourself. In modern society we have a need to always be active, productive and creating. But in these difficult times, we may feel full of inspiration and energy one minute and a complete wreck the next. Just know that this is okay, never force anything or feel guilty. As stated above, these are times to connect with your internal space. So do what brings you the most joy in that moment.


Now, with the above tools you can focus on JOY:
Look on the bright side, you now have copious amounts of time to reconnect with your joy. What did you love to do as a child? Paint, dance, sing, bake, draw, play…whatever brought you joy, you can now connect with again! Without the constraints of mundane routine we can truly step back into our joyous place…however this can only be achieved by letting go of fear.


I understand letting go of fear may feel impossible right now, which brings me to the last tool of cultivating self love: SELF DISCIPLINE.
In yogic philosophy this idea of self discipline belongs to the Niyamas – the second limb of Patanjalis 8 limbs of yoga (a separate blog will soon be available focusing specifically on these 8 limbs). But for now all you need to know is that Niyamas refers to our personal practice; what positive duties do we need to employ in our lives for healthy living and a spiritual existence. Tapas is the Sanskrit term for self discipline; austerity and enthuasmim. Tapas is about disciplining the self to make room for positivity to flourish in your life.

So, in cultivating self love, there are plenty of self loving disciplines we can incorporate into our daily routines in order to make the positive changes we are craving in our space right now.


LIMIT YOUR NEWS FEED: whether social media or the BBC news, switch off and if you really can’t, then employ self discipline on a limited amount of screen time per day.


MOVE YOUR BODY: Stretch to your favourite tunes, use tins of beans as weights and do an improve cardio workout, dance like nobody is watching, get creative with your body and have self discipline to do this daily.



CREATIVITY: Cook that mouth watering dish you lured over on Great British Bake Off, learn how to draw a mandala, get messy with water colours, write poetry or Feng Shui up the place…find a way to channel your creativity and make this a daily essential practice.


STILLNESS: Run a bath, add Himalayan salts, rose petals, your favourite essential oil or just simply sit with yourself and breathe. Be disciplined in taking the time to meditate, sitting or lying down. Find stillness in your self discipline and notice how the trajectory of your day changes.


COMMUNITY: You are not alone during these times of self isolation, remember that we are collectively isolating. The fact we’re all having this experience creates so much momentum for community. Join an online community, tune into our live yoga sessions and feel the sense of connection from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s fitness, music, spirituality…there are plenty of virtual communities to bring global unity.

These are just a few tips from us here at North&Soul on how to cultivate self love during these difficult times. We are all overly sensitive right now and where we project our energy is absolutely vital to our reality. Now is the time to bring any meditation or yoga practices into fruition, or if you’re a beginner to adopt these techniques of presence, acceptance, awareness, self discipline and in doing so, find your joy. Be Kind to yourself, turn your time of self isolation into practicing self love elation.

Keep smiling, you are never alone. Let’s raise the unity in community. 

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