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menopause and anxiety

Can Menopause Cause you Anxiety? – Absolutely it can! 

In fact menopause and anxiety go hand in hand.

I hope to help you calm your anxiety with these 3 anti-anxiety menopause busters. 

In this article, I am going to give you 3 amazing ways to instantly calm your anxiety as a menopausal woman. After reading this I hope you see a dramatic and instant calming effect for anxiety, fear and worry.

A woman needs her inner vitality in order to experience happiness and fulfilment in life and that inner vitality is characterised by her radiance, grace, self esteem power and ability to face the ever changing stages of woman-hood.

Are you ready to take the menopause into your own hands?

Ohhh and P.S at the very end of the blog I have attached my
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Anxiety can be difficult to deal with as a woman even before all the dreaded menopausal symptoms show up, don’t you think?

Women are caring, sensitive beings always on high alert  about the needs of others, running houses, businesses, work, looking after children,  not to mention the modern day world of goals, aims and societal pressures. 

Pop a good dose of fluctuating hormones on top of that and you have a menopause and anxiety stew.  

Now that’s enough to blow your pressure cooker of the richer scale isn’t it? 

So before you think you’re the only woman with anxiety, or that you’re doing something wrong, you’re not!

We’re in it together sister.



Audrey Hepburn

So how can you move through this transitional stage of your fabulous lady life with grace, clarity and self confidence instead of  anxiety, low mood and a sweaty brow? 

Before we get to the ways calm your menopause related anxiety. Let’s look a little deeper into what you might be feeling during the menopause and why. 

The menopause and its challenges are all natural and you are totally supported by mother earth and the rest of the ladies out there. 

Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where  a new phase of  woman-hood unveils itself. It represents a purification process in which new levels of personal fulfilment can be achieved. 

Yes! You read it right, you can find comfort during this process and also thrive.

With suitable habits, tools and lifestyle considerations, you can have a graceful and happy menopause and it doesn’t have to feel so clouded by all the dreaded symptoms

What are the menopause symptoms?

I always like to describe the menopause as the regular symptoms of a womans monthly cycle but on heat. If you know what I mean? All the funny business that comes along with being a woman but with a little less predictability. 

Here’s a run through of some of the symptoms you might be experiencing, so you know you’re not alone in this part of your life:

  • Anxiety
  • Low Mood/ Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Irritability 
  • Hot Flashes
  • Weight Gain/ Bloating
  • Brain Fog/ Cloudy Head
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Low Self Confidence (not talked about enough, but a really common symptom) 
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Aching Joints/ Muscles 

 (read more about the symptoms of the menopause here: Menopause – Symptoms – NHS (www.nhs.uk))

Will the Menopause Symptoms go Away?

This has a lot to do with how you look after yourself. But on average the symptoms last around 4-5 years varying in length and intensity from woman to woman. 

Like any symptoms one can experience in life, it depends on how well you look after those symptoms as to how bad you experience them.

For example, if you’re struggling with menopause related anxiety and you spend a lot of the day ruminating in your head without using tools that you know can help to calm the brain and relax the nerves than you’re more likely to experience that specific symptom worse or for longer. 

Control the mind or it controls you is something that rings bells here. 

If you struggle to sleep on the menopause and are doing naughty little things, hehe (like we all do from time to time) like eating surgery stuff before bed or stimulants like coffee and alcohol then the symptoms wont go away whether you have menopause or not. 

You can take all these symptoms into your own control, women are inherently strong and powerful and able to tackle any problem that life throws at her, depending on the willingness of the woman. 

Sure I understand that lack of motivation and overwhelm can play a massive part in the day to day of a woman going through menopause and so will-power can sometimes look more like a glass of wine and a slump, and thats totally fine you’re only human and in fact its sometimes needed. 

But challenging that slump at the time you know it’s not benefitting you is part of your ongoing challenge to take action towards befriending your pesky symptoms. 

Diet, mindset, positive approach, exercise and acceptance all determine how your symptoms will affect you. Don’t you agree? 

Challenge is definitely part of it. But God gives his greatest challenges to his strongest people. Challenge accepted I say. 


How Menopause and anxiety affects the brain

It’s most important that you remember it’s not your fault that you’re experiencing all these testing symptoms, there is nothing wrong with you. 

After all, menopause doesn’t only effect your ovaries and uterus, but your brain also experience chemical changes thats can alter the way you think, feel and are able to deal with anxiety, mood swings and the rest. Here is a fabulous TED TALK on how Menopause affects the Brain: Lisa Mosconi: How menopause affects the brain | TED Talk


See it’s all biochemistry and you’re not going crazy 🙂 Chatting to someone every now and again; a partner, friend, women’s group is going to be tremendously helpful for you instead of feeling isolated with going through menopause anxiety. 


Ok, let’s get to the action part. 

“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in” -Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
French military leader

Here are 3 ways to instantly calm your anxiety. 

Alongside lifestyle considerations which are also important such as eating a healthy REAL FOOD diet full of fruit and veg,  minimising stimulants: meat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, exercise and practicing kindness towards yourself. 

If you want to know more about real foods to eat go here and find our food blog by nutritionist Andy Scott

These are my most tried and tested ways to boot anxiety to Timbuktu instantly. So let’s get started because there’s no time like the present:

1. Try this one min breathing technique to calm anxiety.

One minute breath is an amazing technique that instantly calms the nervous system and mind which can get on high alert when you feel anxious. 


  • Dramatic and instant calming effect for anxiety, fear and worry.
  • Optimised cooperation between the brain hemispheres for a balanced head and relaxed body
  • Brings you back to the present moment, the only place anxiety doesn’t exist

How to do it: 

I recommend you sit on the floor for this, or as low to the ground as you can get. When you sit down this in itself can have very instant effects on reducing anxiety because anxiety also creates brain fog, mood swings and hot flashes and can over stimulate the head. 

Sitting down is very grounding and nurturing. Obviously, if sitting on the floor reminds you more of assembly at school and you’re totally not into that, also cool. Find a comfortable chair or alternative seat. 

  1. Sit with a straight spine in meditation position


  2. Bring your hands into Gyan Mudra where the tip of the first finger and tip of the thumb touch and then rest the back of the hand onto the knees.


  3. Begin breathing in slow and deep for 20 counts, hold the breath in for 20 breath counts and exhale slowly for 20 breath counts. Doing the full cycle for 1 minute. 

This takes time and a little bit of conscious practice (all the good things do though) so don’t worry yourself if you find it a bit challenging to start with. Practice and all will come. 

In fact,  how about you start with 10 breaths in, hold for 10 and exhale for 10 and build it up. 

Do this for 3 minutes to calm Anxiety instantly and if you want to calm anxiety regularly do it for 3-11 minutes daily. You will thank yourself for it. 

If you would like to follow along with me to start with, then go ahead and join me in this video: 

2. Stand up straight & shake out negativity.

According to Tamar Chansky, PHD., psychologist and author of Freeing Yourself From Anxiety When you’re feeling anxious you naturally hunch and slump to protect the upper body; the heart and lungs.

Naturally this sends signals to the brain through the nervous system telling the brain and body you’re anxious and in danger (when you’re actually very safe) 

Just by changing your stance, pulling your shoulders back and opening your heart space in a tall, powerful standing position helps your body remember you are not in danger and you are in control. Pressing your feet firmly into the floor allows you to feel secure and supported by the earth.

To add to this powerful standing position, you could try raising your arms above your head and shaking very naturally (almost like a dance) . In the science of Kundalini yoga which I teach, we raise our arms above our head often and shake. 

Raising the arms above the head raises your vibration and releases grief and stress from the heart and lungs. Kundalini yoga can also be one of the most effective things you can do going through the menopause because it works on the endocrine glandular system for balancing hormones.

Read more about this here: About Kundalini Yoga | Raviana

Shake the anxiety off the body until it leaves. This also stops you from ruminating in the head. 

“Move your body to stop the fluctuations of the mind” Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 

Try it! Tell me you don’t feel better afterwards. Go all out, listen to your favourite uplifting music at the same time. Music is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood dramatically. 

“There is no other stimulus on earth that simultaneously engages our brains as widely as music does,” says Brian Harris, certified neurologic music therapist at Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Read the full article here: Tuning in: How music may affect your heart – Harvard Heal

3. Listen to Music to calm your anxious thoughts.

Guess what my final way to instantly calm anxiety as a menopausal woman is? Yes, you guessed it. Listen to music. 

Music actually alters your brain chemistry and is dramatically effective for calming the brain. When you feel anxious putting on some beautiful calming and specifically rhythmic, repetitive sound like a mantra is proven by a numerous different studies to:

  • help heart rate and blood pressure levels to return to baseline more quickly after feelings of stress and high alert
  • ease anxiety in all people menopausal or not.
  • help people recovering from surgery and illness to feel less pain and anxiety (and sleep better).

I want to offer you a little gift (now lets hope you have spotify) Here is a mantra playlist I have put together specifically for the menopausal women I teach to reduce anxiety quickly. This is by far my most favourite way to calm nerves. Here is your playlist

Read a little more about how mantra can be your best friend right now here: 

Play the music in your house, in the car, as you walk, maybe lying down for a few moments and play it then. Let the sound of the mantra relax you and bring you back to your heart space instead of the headspace. 

The head is a little pest sometimes and it’s a liar. Let the heart guide you through this wonderful stage of womanhood. 

Again you got this!

Try these things and when you find one or all of them that work for you, stick to it with consistency. Nowadays we all want a quick fix and these are very very quick fixes for sure, but the real magic is in the habits you do daily.

Don’t you agree?

To conclude this here, remember you don’t need to fix yourself, you are perfectly fantastic as you are.This stage of womanhood is natural and you’re meant to be here now. 

The contemporary woman is always searching for ways to fix herself living in a state of insecurity and instability. There is nothing to be fixed in you, you are not wrong  Helping yourself understand how to make yourself feel good again through these tools, is only to connect you back to your real nature instead of always listening to the overactive head. 

A woman needs her inner vitality in order to experience happiness and fulfilment in life and that inner vitality is characterised by her radiance, grace, self esteem power and ability to face the ever changing stages of woman-hood.

Finding a little bit of discipline each day to connect to yourself and give yourself some self care through discipline and honour will enable you to move past the overwhelming symptoms associated with menopause change and give you the ability to take this fleeting stage of life into your own hands. 

Thank you for connecting with me. I hope this article has helped you with any anxious thoughts during your menopause

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