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Building a yoga community 

Let’s face it, we’ve never needed yoga or community more than we do now. Having our entire reality put on hold, we are being forced to face ourselves. In this slowing down and stillness, we can hear how chaotic our ego is. A constant live stream of chatter, an internal dialogue noting everything within our perspective. Usually, we do not pay attention to our screeching ego. Instead, we are consumed within it. We are so busy and lost within the art of distractions, that we often just unconsciously identify with it. But in times of self isolation, as we slow down, we have no choice but to face our internal narrative. We need less ego.

less ego

Converse with your ego

Creating space for the ego to be heard, can of course be a distressing task. We’re all noticing this constant whiney dialogue which colours our internal world. Take a moment to just listen, find stillness and allow this voice to run wild. You are literally having a conversation with yourself! Jumping from topic to topic, creating to do lists and usually, being very self critical.

Less Ego

These times of stillness are so important for us to tune into this egoic battlefield, in order to realise that we DO NOT have to entertain this any longer. As you become attuned with your inner self, you start to notice the gaps between the constant chatter. In this moment recognise, who is observing this voice?  Who is the one listening? The blissful stillness behind the chaos is your true Self. It’s the transcendent nature of your being, the ever present, all pervading soul which is the essence of who you really are.

This stillness, this essence is what we connect with through yoga. The more we practice this stilling, the more we connect with our Soul. This is why yoga is so necessary, it allows us to recognise that we are more than the loud thoughts which we often identify with.

Taming the ego

Taming the ego, allows you to feel the importance of others. The ego is all about the personal self, the individual I, the ‘me me me’. But once you stop identifying with this self absorbed chatter, you begin to connect in your heart, rather than your head. Moving into this heart space, you recognise the unity amongst all beings. You begin to feel so much joy from sharing, connecting, uniting.

And this is where the importance of yoga community arises. With the ego tamed you allow yourself to be vulnerable, to ask for help and to share your practice. It becomes a collective journey of transformation where you can support one another. And during these times of self isolating, where undoubtedly many of us are facing our ego: a yoga community offers support, understanding and connection.

less ego

Feeding the ego

Facing this uncertainty, we are becoming more aware that material possessions are merely attachments which bolster up the ego. All this ‘stuff’ that we think we need: watches, cars, devices, handbags – are all attachments, which serve to help the ego feel safe, important and secure. But as recent times has proved, security is just another illusion.

The good news is that unity is NOT an illusion. Our human nature is to connect, socialise, love and laugh. Material possessions do not fulfill the soul in the way that a supportive community does. We come into our existence without material possessions and we leave in exactly the same way. The only legacy we leave behind is how we’ve effected others, our relationships and our impact on community. This sheds light on the real importance of our human nature.

So with all of this said, there has never been a better time to find your unity in community.  And with many of us facing our deepest inner voice, the practice of yoga will tame the egoic nature and allow you to connect with your stillness. Yoga literally translates to union, so find unity amongst your mind, body and soul and then bring it to community!  Reach out, connect and notice the gratitude you feel by sharing your journey with yogis. Let’s build a community of amigos, and leave out the egos! 

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