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You’re not alone

If working from home is hurting your back? …Yes, then your not the only one!
The tension of lock down and lack of movement can lead to a bad back, it can be agony. If you’ve suffered with a bad back, you’ll know how painful and restricting it can be.
You’ll have probably typed into doctor google, “back pain relief”, or tried specialist therapy like the osteopath or chiropractor.
Now, these specialist therapies are great, but, what if the KEY to getting rid of your back problems was simply to move more.

The spine gives your body structure and support. It allows you to move about freely and bend with flexibility. The spine is also designed to protect your spinal cord, the column of nerves connecting your brain with the rest of your body allowing you to control your movements.

It sounds important, right?

That’s because it is!

you’re only as young as your spine is flexible

See, here’s the problem

Unfortunately the more sedentary the world becomes with lockdown rules and working from home, the less flexible and therefore less supportive the spine can become.

This can play havoc with the body and specifically the back because everything moves from this central structure.

The spine has 5 main ranges of movement. You can see all these elaborate movements of the spine when you watch a cat or a dog or even a baby move. They give it some serious welly. Imagine if we adults were to wriggle around as fast and elaborately as a baby. We would probably snap, because we have become so stiff over the years.

But the spine needs to move in all 5 motions; flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion and axial extension for health and the well-being of our central structure, body and brain.

We sit down all day or just move from bed to a chair or a sofa. Often we are not using our spines full range of movement. This can create serious in-balances throughout the skeletal system, muscular system and nervous system. These in-balances form tensions that stack and store over time creating postural problems, tight muscles, under worked muscles, and the list goes on.

Not to mention the dreaded BAD BACK

working from home hurting your back

The dreaded bad back can effect how you sleep, your exercise regime, your leisure time and give you discomfort at work. It can create so many lifestyle issues that eventually it can even effect your mental health. Add to that soaring stress levels and our uncertain futures and you can how this tension will hugely contribute to the pain and discomfort. For more on stress relief, read this article:

As a yoga teacher I notice around 65% of my students come into yoga in the first place to deal with their bad back. Over the past months an increasing number of people in our membership group have been asking for classes to help them relieve bad backs, neck and shoulders from working at home on the computer.

So how can we help ourselves out and keep our spine and body young and flexible and pain free?

So here’s what to do if working from home is hurting your back

Move more if working from home is hurting your back

A daily exercise regime is probably the most important way to keep your body healthy and mobile preventing back ache and supporting the spine and joints as your grow older. This doesn’t have to be

A low impact exercise like yoga is perfect for bringing the range of movement back into the spine. To prove this why don’t you come along to a FREE yoga for back relief class. on the 25th October 2020

back mobility exercises

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