An important announcement from polly.

Our Idea

We are considering making our online content into a permanent business and keeping it going even when we get back to teaching in-person.

We are thinking of charging £10-£15 per month to have access to all the content we produce.

Our aim is to provide you with endless high quality videos updated weekly, with live classes available too.

Would you be interested in paying monthly for our content?

See full lowdown below…

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    The Full Low Down

    The Situation
    Because of the current situation with coronavirus and the lockdown we feel forced to take another look at our business model.

    What We Don’t Know
    We don’t know when the lockdown will end, it will be weeks and could be months. Even when it does end there may be restrictions on what businesses can re-open, those where people gather close together like bars, gyms and yoga studios may be among the last to re-open and that’s if they survive until then.

    We don’t even know if people will be confident enough to come to class even when allowed or if they’ll be in a position to pay for it.

    Our Dilemma
    This is our dilemma, we stopped teaching in the studios five weeks ago because we didn’t think it was safe and went online with the Facebook live classes, with the aim of looking after our regular clients and keeping them going until the studio’s re-opened.
    We thought it would be just a couple of weeks, little did we know!

    Some Good News
    A lot has happened since then, we’ve taught classes and presented online talks to thousands of people, from all round the world. We’ve been on Calendar, in The Yorkshire Post and have just done an interview for the Telegraph.

    Some Not So Good News
    But the fact is, we, like so many others are struggling financially.

    More Good News
    Your kind donations for the free classes have been overwhelming, we are so grateful, you’ve literally fed us for the last five weeks, but you know us, we want to thrive not survive, we’re proactive not reactive.

    Our Idea
    We are considering making our online content into a permanent business and keeping it going even when we get back to teaching in-person.

    We are thinking of charging £10-£15 per month to have access to all the content we produce.

    Our aim is to provide you with endless high-quality videos updated weekly, with live classes available too.

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      1. Most other fitness professionals, yoga and pilates teachers are already charging for regular classes. You are doing so much that its only fair to pay for it. However when and if we are allowed back to live classes that will always take precedence for me as I often find a reason/excuse not to do it at home. Maybe some shorter older classes still available for free but you have a living to earn as do we all and its only fair for us to pay if we are using it regularly x

      2. I think this is a good idea. I know you have delivered absolutely amazing content and I know the donations , although greatly appreciated, are not consistent and therefore like everyone you need to be able to survive and have an income.

        Sadly, I don’t have a job and zero money coming in , so if you do move to a subscription , I won’t be able to afford this because I’m already struggling financially. Otherwise if I were working, I wouldn’t even quibble … but for your own survival – I definitely think this is an acceptable and very competitive offer.


      3. It would be well worth that even if l only did one class a week bit please Polly don’t overdo it. You dont need to do so many live classes a week especially if we are still able to watch l recorded class like l do now. To keep that really lovely in touch touch! you could now and again pop up live introduce a previous class and the pop back at the end of the edited recording to ser you we enjoyed it.

      4. Hi Polly, well done on all your online classes and your media activity!!!
        I’ve not used any of the online classes however because I much prefer to go to classes and find any kind of exercise difficult to do at home but I might give it a go sometime!!!
        Can’t wait for everything to get back to normal again!!

        Take care
        Julia xx

      5. Hi Polly. I have only tried out one video class so far (so not in real time), but loved it. I was going to try a couple more to see if if it was ‘up my street’ so to speak. I was, like I guess many people wondering what was an appropriate amount to donate; and thought perhaps on a weekly basis. Your suggestion would fit well though and is more than fair. Going forward, once all gets back to the usual commitments (including expenses that I don’t currently pay for – due to lock down) will kick in, but I would hope to still be able to subscribe and enjoy the classes. On a personal level this would fit in with work hours too. ????

      6. Your online stuff has been brilliant and I was thinking it would be a shame for it to all come to an end when this is over. It’s a great option when you have kids and can’t always get out to classes on an evening. Also, I think that with all the hard work you’ve put in you definitely deserve to reap some benefits and that the monthly payment suggested would be good value!

      7. Hi Polly,
        It was difficult to respond with just the two options. I prefer live classes as it forces me to take part, whether they are live on Zoom or in person. So I probably wouldn’t subscribe to this. However I do wish you every success. It is such an awful situation. Other yoga studios are doing on line classes for a set fee eg £5 and I prefer this, as I feel a little uncomfortable deciding the fee myself. But perhaps that’s just me. Very best wishes. Sue x

      8. Hi Pol. I would be happy to pay for your online content for as long as this way of living lasts, however when proper classes start again I am not sure if I would continue at home. Just being honest. It is nice to have the online classes as an option for if I can’t ever get to class, but when factoring in buying passes for yourself and for Soma not sure I could also pay for an online subscription. What would maybe suit me is a combination of both within a monthly fee. The only classes I have been doing online have been yours if that is any feedback that helps. I know there are loads out there, but you are my fave teacher and you say funny things like ‘flappy knees’ ???? x

      9. A fabulous idea ????????
        Will totally support you guys, you’re a breathe of fresh air ???????? and I know that many others will too…
        Chance to take this global methinks – I’m an online digital consultant so if I can help in anyway FOC whilst in lockdown let me know ????
        Check out my Insta’s Zest4Life for wellness and Yorkshire Business Development for others xx

      10. I wou;d love to pay for the privilege of being part of your community. Every time I do one of your classes or listen to one of your podcasts I learn something new. I have felt so much improvement in my practice over the last few weeks and my general feeling of well-being has improved too! To have a constant source of advice and motivation is fantastic.. Thank you ????

      11. Hi Polly I would be happy to pay this amount. I’ve loved being able to do your classes whenever I’m able & feel I have improved in my strength & understanding. ????????????

      12. Hi Polly

        Your classes are soo good (i used to come to shadwell studio , but then was so difficult to book a place – your too popular 🙂
        . such a great teaching style you have . i Have just completed the glutes from yesterday and even got husband doing it too (it’s good for him, hey!) .
        Would love online available classes , with 3 kids always busy running here there and every where (when not in iso obvs!) , means i don’t have to rush to a class (struggle to book a class and then miss the class) and can do it when kids are quiet in my own time!
        Thank you for posting these classes online. i know i need to donate for the couple i have done so i will try and find where i do that now. Thank you x

      13. I’d like to be able to do both. As you know I’ve been advised to practice kundalini everyday, I’m struggling to motivate myself at mo, but even when things get back to normal i think I’d benefit from a combination of private classes, with the ability to follow an online programme too x x x

      14. I think this is a great idea so we can have access when ever we want to do more but personally I prefer the social side to coming to a class so as soon as it’s safe I’ll be back! Take care

      15. At this present shut down it makes perfect sense, but once it finishes I might not be so keen as I am involved in lots of other activities and clubs and probably only need our normal Monday session in Carlton and my one to one.

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