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Anxiety can be a truly crippling experience for the sufferer. It can lead to emotional, physical, mental, and energetic turmoil making you feel out of control and foggy.

Anxiety is a state of constant fear, worry and nervousness.

I know because I’ve been there for many years of my life.

If I was to put the feeling of anxiety into a couple of words, it would be “an impending feeling of doom”. Sound familiar?

Anxiety makes you feel on edge all the time, sometimes you can’t even understand why you are feeling anxious because the feelings aren’t about anything in particular and they can often manifest as a more physical or energetic sensation; tingling or shortness of breath.

It may come in overwhelming waves of disorientation, uneasiness, or what I like to call ‘sketchy’ energy as if you are waiting for something bad to happen. And lets face it, if you’re always waiting for something bad to happen, you are missing life. What a great shame that would be!

With my own anxiety I always felt the need to find an answer for my nervous feelings.

I developed obsessive-compulsive behaviours in hope to control something that felt so out of control.

I would search obsessively for the outcome of my anxiety.

I often spent days on end worrying about health and my families health, eventually becoming so anxious that I went to the doctors about 4 times a week asking them to check if I was ok.

I’m sure the surgery created a separate ring tone for the phone just for me so everybody knew not to answer, Hehe!

Now some people call this health anxiety and there are many different names we could label ourselves with; generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, health anxiety, depression might even be one as anxiety and depression are closely related. Often I found myself scrolling the internet to find what bracket of mental health I might be under.

The truth is putting a label on ourselves like “I have health anxiety”, “ I am anxious” is just about one of the worst things for keeping that anxiety as part of our identity.

A better thing to say would be “I am a person having feelings of anxiety”.

Already changing your words, you know that anxiety isn’t YOU. It’s a feeling you’re experiencing and not part of your makeup, therefore you are in control. This is important!

After much CBT, counselling, and heaps of therapy it was in the end my own discipline to a yoga practice, specifically Kundalini yoga that started to energetically shift my thought patterns. I realised that to help myself out, I can’t just take a pill or listen to the wise words of others, I had to experience the change myself instead of just been told about it. I had to do the yoga and meditation and daily mindfulness techniques instead of hearing about them, but not actually putting them into practice.

Yoga brings us back to what is real; the journey of a living organism from birth to death and in-between we’re breathing. 

It allows us to understand that we are NOT our mind and we are NOT the stories we tell our selves.

Yoga takes us to the present moment which is the only place fear doesn’t exist.

Anxiety and depression are what you experience when you are living in the past. (which is history), And the future (which is a made-up story)

When you start to practice mindfulness tools such as yoga, meditation, and daily mindful living techniques such as watching your thoughts, these become habits and very useful tools to switch your state from anxious to peaceful. The more you practice this interruption of negative cycle to positive cycle, the more the brain, body and nervous system start to respond and eventually rewire. Basically we are rewiring our patterns of behaviour.

If you are struggling with feeling anxious all the time and don’t know where to turn, turn to me and let me help you the same way I helped myself.

In my latest workshop on Sunday 11th @ 11:00am GMT +2 I will teach you how to beat anxiety using mindfulness simply sign up on the link below to join us.


The change starts with you!

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