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For those of you unfamiliar with Kundalini yoga, welcome to the holistic treat that ticks all boxes. Kundalini yoga is a splendid blend of Bhakti yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and mantra), Raja yoga (mediation/mental and physical control) as well as Shakti yoga, (for  power and energy).

A well-taught Kundalini yoga class with an experienced and passionate teacher can leave you feeling like you’ve been to a fully holistic therapy sesh, at the same time as having a brilliant workout for the body, and the mindfulness and stretch of a yoga class. 

The purpose of Kundalini yoga is to provide a process whereby practitioners can achieve their creative potential, free themselves from trauma and the lasting effects of the past and find their true soul purpose in life. 

Experiencing a kundalini awakening is like being given the secret code to living without having to seek and search for happiness in the outside world. Once you’ve experienced the magic and answers you hold within you, you become unbreakable. 



Espresso Kundalini yoga is a shorter version of a full length kundalini class that I created for my students who don’t have much time.

My reason behind this action packed creation was to tick all the holistic boxes in as little time as I could.

Yes, In as little as 30 minutes the practitioner can get all the benefits of a full length kundalini class without the stress of setting aside loads of time in this fast paced modern world.

It does exactly what it say’s on the tin, a quick shot pick me up which leaves you feeling great just like an espresso coffee shot!


Kundalini yoga has so many benefits and espresso basically packs them all in and then some but I really could be here all day on the benefits of kundalini yoga.

It truly is magic! check out this list here from lamajo wellness here on the benefits of kundalini yoga. But Espresso has all these and more.



One of the biggest struggles when it comes to yoga I hear from my students is actually getting to the mat in the first place.

We live in a hyper stimulated world that makes us feel like giving time to ourselves is the last of our priorities. What a load of rubbish! But, it is  ingrained into our society, so before we can even make time in our chaotic schedules or have the discipline to come to the yoga mat, we have this feeling we don’t deserve that self care.

Espresso Kundalini gives your mind, body and spirit the energetic lift it needs in as little as 3-30 minutes.

And if we can’t give 3-30 minutes to ourselves, then surely we need to give our heads a little wobble!

2. It Helps Build Consistency

Whenever I’m asked, “how many times a week should I practice yoga?” I always advise it’s not about how many times you do it, it’s about how consistently you do it.

It’s better to do 2 classes a week forever than to do 50 classes in two weeks then never again.

Like in any sustainable form of exercise or spiritual work, consistency is key to results and success. Of course once you’ve found the regularity of the practice, doing it for a little longer or more often is going to benefit more, but the magic comes in just getting on and doing it in the first place.

Espresso Kundalini is so short and immensely effective that fitting it in 3 times a week shouldn’t be a problem because its not eating into your day. It feels manageable.

3. Habit Forming & Habit Breaking

We all know how easy it is to get into bad habits and how much harder it feels to get out of that cycle of destructive behaviour. Well forming a good habit is easy when it is bite sized like espresso Kundalini.

If I were to ask you to complete a full hour and half  of Kundalini yoga everyday then you would properly say “what planet are you living on?” Some of us have to work, right?

But 3 sets of 30 minutes per week is manageable for anyone.

Not only that, Kundalini yoga is renowned for working on the nervous system, brain and energy channels that help us rewire our destructive behavioural patterns and replace then with something that serves us instead of destroys us.


4. increase your will power

Kundalini yoga awakens your inner willpower right at the core of your third energy centre (solar plexus) at the navel point.

By building a strong heat in this region we can digest our food and use as energy better, also allowing us to digest and release past memories and self doubt that we hold deep within our core.

The short espresso style class is often a very movement based class with lots of vigour into the spine and purifying breath work which is a brilliant way to connect to your inner power.


5. removes anxiety & stress

Because of the diverse nature of the espresso kundalini yoga class, it is a very effective way to calm the nervous system and help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

The body, mind and spirit get a full cleanse because we work wit physical exercise, meditation, mantra, breathwork and relaxation.

The combination of all these things, leaves no stone unturned. Because stress and anxiety are stored in the body, energetic system and mind, it is important to focus on all three to relieve these annoying downbeaters that we seem to carry with us daily.  

6.uplifts spirit

Sure! There have been a lot of low mood enhancers floating around recently, but you can take control of your mood and flip the script. There is nothing I prefer to do on this planet to lift my mood that a short sweet kundalini practice. 

When you’re feeling a bit down, the thought of a long yoga class doesn’t always seem appealing, even though you always feel better for doing it. But just hopping on the mat and going espresso style, is just the medicine for a quick mood shifter. Also, in the espresso classes I mainly focus on uplifting postures and breathwork, so the classes often give a very instant enhanced move.




Anyway, I know what your thinking or at least should be thinking.

Where can I get this magic from?

why hang around waiting when you could be experiencing something? 

Below is a totally FREE mini Espresso Kundalini Course as a gift from me to you because I want you to benefit from this NEW transformational practice. 

 Simply click on the image below.

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