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Welcome to a little talk about IBS and the four main ways that I got rid of my IBS.

And why do you want to know about this?

Well you might not do…..

But if IBS is something you’re struggling with, this is hopefully going to be a useful video for you. Okay, so I want to talk about this because basically, I’ve had a lot more of my students recently coming to me, asking for Kundalini yoga exercises and careers to help them with digestive problems, and IBS.

Now, I am not the sort of person to wait around when all the information and methods of ridding IBS aren’t working, so I took it into my own hands and guess what it worked. Because deep down I knew the answers.

Now, I am not saying some people don’t have food allergies or food intolerances etc because sure there are foods out there that simply aren’t good for the human body, but I took a different approach than cutting everything out my diet and becoming immensely stressed because I was unable to find joy in eating. And eating should be joyful, right? Well for a foodie like me is certainly is 🙂

I found cutting things out my diet and worrying about what I could eat worsened my IBS by about 80% It certainly wasn’t making it better, not at all! This is what I did instead and today I am totally IBS free and I eat what I want, in large portions (enjoy it) and live a happy healthy life.


1.changed the way I ate (not what I ate)

OK, so I am coming from a view point here as a girl who already enjoys and eats real foods not factory foods. My main diet naturally consists of lots of fruit and veg, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds and very limited junk food or animal products, but I do eat them sometimes. I love crisps and chocolate just like the rest of us.

So why am I scurrying about eliminating things from my diet when I’m eating a diet made for human beings?

This is where I switched up and decided to stop eliminating and start enjoying food without stress, guilt and fear being attached to it. I realised that it was the stress, guilt and fear that I was eating. Did you know that your stomach juices are preparing for your food even just on the thought of food? That is how bloody powerful the mind is and its connection to the gut!

So imagine if your brain is telling your gut and digestive tract that what you are eating is bad for you and going to make you unwell? The stomach prepares for this and shuts off instead of working properly and using your food as energy.

This is my first bit of advise! If you have a reasonably good diet focused around real food then stop elimination and TRY just TRY stopping being so stressed about what you’re eating and let yourself have a little joy. Try it for a month…..(controversial I know, but I am telling you what worked for me)

2. Reduce Stress


This is the main thing that caused my IBS. I know because the more I stressed about IBS, the worse it got and the less I stressed about IBS the better it became. Now it’s not just stressing about IBS. Its really important here to try reduce stress, anxiety and fear in daily life because this is a breeding ground for IBS. You will probably notice that when you are going through a hard time or an anxious or stressful time in life your IBS gets much worse. In yoga we call the gut the second brain because the gut and the brain are fluidly connected with the central nervous system, so when our mind is stressed so is our gut and when our gut is stressed so is our mind.

My second bit of advice is to limit your mental and physical stress through becoming more relaxed about food and developing a more positive mental attitude. Now this is easier said than done and its like a fulltime job 🙂 meditation can help with this.


3. Practice kundalini yoga for the navel or digestion


Often when I am stressed of busy I don’t take care of myself how I should and so I let go of the things that keep my mind and body well. For me this is kundalini yoga. I might be biased towards this yoga but rightly so because its healed and transformed my life in so many ways. IBS was one of them. Kundalini yoga works on a cellular level and can actually be as powerful as rewiring the brain and changing our biochemistry for better health.

There are thousands of kundalini yoga classes all for healing different things. Give it a go.

I have a FREE class for you to help with digestion.

Do this 3 times a week but not on a full stomach.

4. change your thought patterns

What you think on grows, so if you are continuously putting your attention onto your IBS and what you are eating and how stressful it all is, this is where your energy will go. This is easier said than done but trying is the first thing.

Make it a daily habit to become more positive and focus on the things you enjoy and love and are happy and grateful for instead of the things you hate and wish it was not there and ruining your life. Switch up the thinks you choose to put your attention on because where your attention goes, energy flows.

I hope this helps.

You might want to watch this little video and chat I did earlier this week on IBS too.

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