Awakening the Ten Bodies – Kundalini

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The ten bodies of kundalini

In this post we’ll describe each of the ten bodies of kundalini yoga. Then go to a video where you can dive straight in to your practice.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, is a school of yoga that is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra schools of Hinduism.
It derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana (postures)

What sets Kundalini yoga apart from other types of yoga is its focus on using your breath to harness energy within you.
Through meditation, chanting, and singing, Kundalini yoga enhances your practice by promoting more self-awareness and stillness.


The benefits of Kundalini Yoga include; increased mental focus, balanced energy body and reduced stress.
Kundalini practice also increases lung capacity and spine flexibility.
It strengthens immune and nervous system function and normalizes endocrine (glandula) function, also promoting joint health.


We often think of our bodies in physical terms or just a physical body and mind.
However if you practice kundalini yoga you will know of the 10 bodies

One physical body, three mental bodies and six energy bodies.

Yogi Bhajan discovered this system of the 10 bodies.  The Ten Bodies of kundalini are powerful measurements of the psyche, each one possessing specific abilities.
These reveal when strong as well as certain scarcity tendencies that surface when weak.

The science of the 10 Bodies allows you to realize that any tension you experience can be identified and then repaired, harmonising the body and mind.

Soul Body

The first body is our Soul body which is our spirit flowing through us.
This acts as a foundation to build upon and towards self-discovery.
So from this place we aim to live through our heart, instead of our head.

Negative Mind

This body is always at work, thus shaping the risks and danger in our surrounding environment.. Also evaluating  potential to adversely affect us.

Positive Mind

As the Negative Mind works to keep us safe in our environment. So our Positive Mind works to find opportunities in life that benefit us.
Our strength of mind and courage comes from this positive mind. And encourages us to explore the world we live in.

Neutral Mind

This  is your ultimate guide. It weighs out the information that came from the Positive and Negative minds. Therefore it leads us to the best course.
We could call the neutral mind the intuitive mind.

Physical Body

Oh yes, we are familiar with this one. This is the house that homes all our other bodies.  


This body is your radiance. Running across your hairline and brow from ear to ear.
Women have a second one running across the chest line.
This body helps us understand and project what we’re feeling.


This is our auric field. Surrounding our Physical Body.  An electromagnetic energy field that shields us, enhances our esteem and gives us a manifesto for elevation.

Pranic Body

This body is in charge of bringing life force in as you breathe, also working to supply us with energy as we work.

Subtle Body

Our Subtle Body works closely with our Soul, thus allowing us to look beyond the physical body or reality. That which we can see and touch.

Radiant Body

The Radiant Body supplies us with the audacity we need, and the radiance we have within. A well-developed Radiant Body will be very attractive to others, because it is easily recognized through their charm and personality.

There’s more!

More than just the ten bodies of kundalini?

We actually have an 11th hidden body, although this 11th body exists only when the ten bodies are balanced.

The systemized sets in kundalini practice, use of breath, mudras, and sound work. With these we balance and activate the Ten Bodies, thus giving us tools to work on all of them at once.

Here’s the video as promised, the first in our kundalini challenge series.

Try our kundalini challenge here now!

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  1. Just done this series of chakras pol, fab, although I couldnt manage 11mins with my hand over my crown& heart for meditation!! Wobbly arms!! Lol
    How often would u recommend doing this chakra set?? Thanks again pol, loved it xxxxxxxx

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