How I said goodbye to anxiety with these simple daily life hacks

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We all suffer stress

We all suffer stress but let’s see if we can find the ultimate daily life hacks to get rid of anxiety from our lives once and for all.

Let’s face it, nobody talks about this stuff deep enough.

It's a facade

Unfortunately, we live in a bit of a superficial world. Where we think our looks, money and Instagram followers actually define our worth.

This facade we create to seem ‘fine always’ to others, I’m sure is one of the leading causes of anxiety in the modern day world.

Which is a shame really because anxiety is a growing phenomena and it is really bloody awful to deal with.

life hacks to beat anxiety

And when you’re sitting at home pulling your hair out with anxiety, looking at somebodies pretend glittery unicorn life It’s not helpful, is it?


So let's get rid of anxiety together

I’m here to talk about something real today because this is a subject I hold close to my heart.
It is the basis of all my teachings.

I suffered with crippling anxiety and depression for many many years, over 15 years. But now that’s in the past.


You take control by learning discipline

My discipline towards these ultimate daily life hacks that I am going to give to you has not only helped my anxiety, but got rid of my anxiety.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t have moments of feeling anxious, otherwise I wouldn’t be human.

What I am saying is anxiety no longer controls me, I control it!

mind control for anxiety

What does it feel like to have Anxiety

If you are reading this, you are probably at your wits end with the ‘impending feeling of doom’ which I call anxiety.

Can you relate to the impending feeling of doom?

It consists of a continuous feeling that something terrible is going to happen, but you don’t know what it is.

It sometimes manifests itself as a physical sensation in the body. Such as butterflies in the stomach, tingles in the body, headache, a ‘sketchy’ energy, muscle aches. Basically, a general feeling of nervousness and this is just the physical stuff!

overcoming anxiety

The Worst Part

The somewhat worse part of having anxiety in my experience is the mental mess it creates inside your brain. Anyone ever feel like their head might just explode into 1000 pieces on a daily basis?
And that feeling that your mind is against you?

If you’re anything like me, you have possibly developed a compulsion to deal with this incessant noise that makes you feel bad about yourself, all day long.

OCD anyone?

My compulsion reflected as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) Great!! Lets add another one to the string, ha!

My personal anxiety started to become obsessive.
I’d check my body for anything wrong all day long. Then I’d find something and ruminate on it, worrying it was something bad and then get it checked out. And then start all over again with another thing the week after.


Which out of this list do you need to life hack?

  • incessant mind chatter
  • negative mind-set always fearing the worst
  • negative self chat- unkind words and actions towards yourself
  • Having feelings of sadness and despair
  • uneasy about social situations
  • The feeling that you are ugly
  • feeling unworthy
  • feeling on edge
  • unable to concentrate
  • nervousness
  • obsession: thoughts, feelings, people

Let's take action

If you ticked every single one of these boxes and more. you’re not alone. So let’s take action…

In the past I have been to doctors, psychotherapist’s, Councillors, you name it I’ve been.

But in the end non of it helped, because knowledge is only 1% of getting rid of anxiety. Practice, commitment and daily habits are the only way and I repeat are the ‘only’ way to truly help yourself and get rid of anxiety once and for all.

Anxiety cannot be covered up!


Anxiety will not heal with a plaster or loud music to drown out the voices.
Nor with alcohol, bad eating habits, saying nasty things to yourself or any other distractive method. 

Nor will your anxiety be cured by me telling you this.

It takes effort and this effort might just be the thing that saves your life and allows you to live in peace again.

I struggled with this anxiety for years and I’m on a mission to share the tools I’ve learnt along the way, fighting and winning my war with anxiety.

And you can win too with these life-changing life hacks.



So here is your FREE downloadable guide to the ultimate daily life hack’s on how to kick anxiety’s ass!




Only download this guide if you are committed to yourself and really want to make a go of putting these healing tools into action today!

These tools work, all you have to do is use them.

Good Luck and good life!


Say Goodbye To Anxiety

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