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5 Science Proven Ways Kundalini Yoga Helps Anxiety

Are you sick and tired of feeling anxious, worried about everything and generally vibing at a much lower level than you know you’re capable of?

Are you anxious about being anxious, sad about feeling sad and ready to make a change?

Maybe kundalini yoga is the change you’ve been waiting for.

Kundalini yoga is a sacred science that has been practiced in the east for thousands of years. In 1968 Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini yoga to the west by starting a teaching foundation called the Healthy, Happy, Holy organisation. 

I did my first kundalini yoga class 15 years ago because I was told by a psychotherapist that it would be a fabulous way to help calm my anxiety and depression. 

When I first walked into the kundalini yoga class I thought I was entering a cult or a religious ceremony because everyone was dressed in white and chanting.

I remember thinking, HELP! what have I got myself into here. But being an open-minded person who likes new experiences and was ready to do anything in my power to relieve my crippling anxiety and flat mood I gave it a go. 

I never turned back from that day onwards. I could feel the benefits from the single Kundalini class straight away. I came out of the class feeling something I hadn’t felt in a while, a sense of peace. My mood was instantly uplifted, I felt inspired, I felt hope that this might actually be a way out from feeling low, flat and anxious all the time.

15 years later with an anxious free head and no depression in sight, I teach Kundalini yoga for mental health because I have experienced the powers of this magical healing tool first hand…. don’t worry you don’t need to wear all white in my classes 😛

So what is Kundalini yoga?, and why is it so powerful? 

Life is filled with vibrant energy! Everything and everyone is energy…

Kundalini yoga awakens you to your own powerful internal energy which is inside every one of us. This energy  is often blocked off from years and years of built up trauma, limiting beliefs, tensions and patterns of behaviour that we store in our physical body, energy body and mental body. 

The typical kundalini yoga class is performed in a specific order that guides us through a scientifically proven set of sequences to activate parts of the brain that increase awareness and generate more balance and control. Kundalini yoga is a transformational healing tool like no other, it works with vigorous movement (often into the core) alongside breath work, meditation, mantra and relaxation to revamp the nervous system and increase awareness.

So let’s dig into the 5 main scientifically proven ways Kundalini yoga helps with anxiety


Kundalini yoga is massively focused around the breath. Breathing techniques are one of the key tools for helping calm an anxious mind. You only have to think about a time you feel fearful and anxious about something. For example, I am scared of spiders (hehe) and when I see one, my breath becomes erratic and short, this sends signals to the brain telling the brain and body we are in danger.The body then goes into fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) and induces anxiety. All of this can happen just from our breath. Kundalini yoga helps us to control the breath in different ways and allows us to learn how to use breathing techniques in our daily lives to steady the mind and keep up calm and equanimous. 


When you feel anxious, you will properly recognise physical symptoms such as aches, pains, muscle stiffness and tension around the whole body, specifically in the neck, shoulders and spine. This is because our body becomes rigid and tenses up when we have anxiety. Kundalini yoga is one of the best ways to release the neck, shoulders and spine to remove stored up anxiety from the body. The physical movements worked with in a kundalini yoga class tend to be repetitive, and vigorous which can really help to shift unwanted stagnant energy and stored up tension from the anxious body. 


Kundalini yoga uses mantra which are sacred sounds or syllables that are either mentally chanted or chanted/ sung out loud on repeat. Each sound has its own vibrational frequency of which are highly healing on a cellular level. Science says chanting mantra is very beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety because it brings us into the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest) part of the nervous system. Scientists say that when mantra is chanted rhythmically something called the psycholinguistic effect which brings a great deal of focus into the brain and can help with things like memory, learning languages and focus. This in turn brings us to a very present state which is where we need to be to let go of destructive thoughts that come with an anxious head. 


“You are only free when you are above time and space. When you are afraid of what will happen tomorrow, you are not living. You are just dragging. That is how it is.” Yogi Bhajan 

We all know the massive healing benefits of meditation and sitting in stillness. But we still rush around like blue arsed flies trying to accomplish (usually) much more than we need to. Allowing for some stillness through meditation gives our brain a chance to rest from the hyper arousal of modern day living. When we are continuously stimulated by sound, music, chatter, tv, adverts and generally the fast pace of the world we become frustrated, stressed and eventually this leads to anxiety. Kundalini yoga not only uses meditation for relaxation, but the whole kundalini yoga practice is known as a moving meditation because it’s all about focus. 


One of the main things we are doing in Kundalini yoga is developing a strong nervous system. The nervous system consists of 3 parts: central nervous system (sensation & motor control), the peripheral nervous system (connects nerves to organs and limbs) and the autonomic nervous system (emergency response: sympathetic “gas pedal” and parasympathetic “break pedal” 

A strong nervous system manages stress and anxiety much easier than a week and disconnected nervous system. The nervous system can only contain a certain amount of stress and pain before it goes into overdrive and makes us unwell mentally and physically. Kundalini yoga helps to keep the nervous system in balance to avoid this.

So there you have it- why not try this amazing yoga practice out yourself and see the instant calming effects to will provide you with. Here is a 100% FREE kundalini yoga class for you to try. Take hold of your anxiety today and show it who’s boss once and for all.

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