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I’ve been listening to the conversations in our lovely community membership group and have been documenting the main takeaways to form our blogs, podcasts and content so that YOU get the most out of your membership.

It is my job as a yoga teacher for our community to make sure that you get the RESULTS and TRANSFORMATION you deserve. We all know results and transformation require prioritising time and committing to yourself.

I came into yoga through frustrations and pain in my own life, yoga provided me with joy and transformation. The joy and transformation is what eventually made me stick to my practice, because what I had to loose was far greater than turning up.

I came into yoga 15 years ago, with inner frustrations, anxiety, addictions, weight problems and lack of focus. My commitment to yoga changed this, however over the years I became busier juggling many jobs, doing my MA and working as a freelance designer. I thought I hardly had any time, I was getting more and more out of shape, more and more frustrated, anxious and unable to motivate myself or progress my life.

I knew I had to change this. I was sick of feeling rubbish. So, I looked into successful people and what they did to manage their time to live a life of abundance and I simply copied them.

The truth is no one gets more time – Think about great innovators and business people, What do they do differently? These people don’t have extra hours in the day but you still see them looking after themselves, looking after children and running numerous businesses. How do they do it?

Many of the world’s top innovators started out with the same amount of resources you currently have. That’s because achieving your goals has nothing to do with having time or money or easy circumstances, it comes down to how resourceful  you can be with what’s available to you and what you choose to do with the time that is given to you.

The most limited resource we have is time. But when you learn how to manage time efficiently, you’ll not only accomplish more, but also develop a great sense of fulfilment in your life.


This one sounds ironic to the subject, but its not. A common denominator of modern day society is that we think we don’t have time. The fast-paced world we live in, even just the speedy energy around us makes us rush around, make mistakes, loose focus and feel bad for giving time to ourselves. This hyper-arousal of the brain makes it even more difficult to connect to a practice of mindfulness and slowing down-like yoga. This is why yoga is so effective for helping with anxiety, stress, depression, focus, health, weight loss, Ibs, illnesses etc because most of these things are caused and exaggerated by our inability to see we are simply moving far to FAST.

When the brain and body are overwhelmed, TIME seems hard to manage because you think you have no time. When you slow down, you realise you have actually been putting time into things that probably don’t matter like watching TV or scrolling social media and talking negatively to yourself. More about stopping negative chat here: https://northandsoul.co.uk/5-ways-to-calm-anxiety/


Often, we think giving time to our family or kids or work are more important than time for ourselves this is simply not true. How can you give the best to your family, kids or work if you yourself have empty cups, if you yourself have low self-worth or are working 100 miles an hour with stress and anxiety? You can’t!

The most important tip on this page is to give time to yourself, not weekly but every day. The greatest gift any of us can do for this planet to make it a better place is to work on ourselves so that we become happier, more compassionate, healthier, fulfilled, creative and vibrant individuals because this is what creates the positive ripple effect that your kids, family and work colleagues see. Seeing someone smashing life from all angles is the most motivational thing to help anyone to change and reach their full potential. The change starts with you. https://northandsoul.co.uk/the-change-starts-with-you/


When you feel like you have so much to do, it can often result in doing nothing. It sometimes feels like a scramble in your head. For a wholesome and fulfilled life, all aspects of life need to be addressed.

I know that if I want to have a great quality of life where I am accomplishing my dreams daily then I have to live by some core principles. I need a fit and healthy body to get me from A to B with ease, I need a calm and equanimous mind so I can focus on tasks at hand, I need a sustainable financial situation so I can feel free from the stresses of the material world, I need a loving and supportive network (and this starts with self-love) etc

All of these things take work and all of them are just as important. What I like to do is decompartmentalise these subjects into my list of jobs:

For example MY DAILY LIST

Health & Fitness /  Family & relationships / money/   self-education/  work & projects

If you make sure you MAKE time for all these sections of life and put things into boxes written down, it gives much more room in your head and allows things to run much more smoothly.


Put less on your to do list. Remember you woke up this morning and are still breathing, that means you are alive and you survived another day of this beautiful gift of life. This is a luxury denied to many, you have already succeeded. With a heart full of gratitude for everyday that you’re living it feels much easier to want to live it to its fullest and achieve a fruitful life.

Decide which tasks and action items are the most important within each category based on urgency and setting and do them. If you write smaller to-do-lists and manage to get your list done each day you will have a greater sense of accomplishment, you will also do the tasks with more mindfulness and focus which give you a feeling of completion and will surely make you sleep better at night. Less is more!


 “wasted” moments and procrastination take up precious time that could be more focused. For example, how many times have you found yourself scrolling through pointless social media posts that you aren’t even really paying attention to? Or watching mindless TV that isn’t even interesting you? Or standing in front of the mirror criticising yourself? Or buying things you don’t need? Over-checking your emails? Attending pointless meetings? Or answering your phone or texts anytime it bleeps?

You don’t need to be available at all times, ha! Honestly, set time to make your calls, texts, emails etc. When you are doing a task from your list, be all there. Focus all your energy into the task at hand and complete it. Yoga teaches us to concentrate on the task at hand, even when distractions do arise, as they do. We address them after the job we have set aside for ourselves at that time.

Utilising these time management tips for work will help you get more done in less time and free you to shift your focus to other personal goals.

HERE IS A LITTLE CHALLENGE FOR YOU! This week swap a time wasting action (we all have them) for a healthy, self care action and let me know what SWAP you have made and how it made you feel! x

This article may also be of use when thinking about fulfilment and living your best life: https://northandsoul.co.uk/10-life-changing-habits-for-happiness-and-success/

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