3 Tips for achieving more with less effort

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3 Tips for achieving more with less effort

I am aiming to write a blog a day, however mini that might be.

My last blog was was about taming the lizard brain, read it here

In the last blog I was talking about a primitive part of the brain that in psychology is called the Lizard brain and in Kundalini yoga it’s called the negative mind. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the part of the brain that sabotages your progression and keeps you small and well within the boundaries of cotton wool comfort. 

It’s that pesky little voice that tells you to remain on your ass, binge watch netflix and guzzle large quantities of crisps..

Unhelpful most of the time, sometimes fun! 

The reason I mention the previous blog is because self sabotage is the main reason I am committing to this blog a day scenario. I am in the process of taming my lizard primitive pest, so that I can start sticking to things with more integrity and conscious awareness. 

The prehistoric saboteur is also responsible for keeping you feeling fearful during the day. It puts you into a protective scarcity zone at work, in your relationships and when it comes to how you feel about yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, the lawful lizard has an important job to do and that’s to keep you safe. It’s responsible for getting you all fired up when moving towards perceived danger. 

But like most health and safety connoisseurs , it way over does its duties. 

In Fact this fear inducing part of your brain is the  part that blocks your flow. It’s that part that makes you feel like you have to force your way through your work and your life, instead of moving through it with greater productivity and harmony. 

Wouldn’t you rather wake up and feel confident that you are moving in natural flow with alignment towards your true nature and path? Instead of putting in maximum effort because of feeling scared that you’re not performing how you should, or doing what’s expected of you for the fake societal ideals? 


If your answer to this is yes, then here are some tips for you to activate the creative power you hold, that glides through life achieving more, with less effort.

1. Set an intention to work from your heart instead of your head.

We are programmed to a cognitive approach to work and life. Getting stuck in your head blocks your inspiration and creativity.

It forces you to act from a place of scarcity and protection instead of abundance and opportunity. 

Therefore you always feel you need to protect what you have, so you run around ragged grasping in fear, instead of letting go and trusting. 

When you let go and trust, this lack of stress results in a calmer mind and greater productivity.

You can use this meditation to bring you back to heart based living.

2.Be mindful of completing full jobs and do one at a time

 If you’re a woman like me, you may marvel at your ability to multitask everything. 

But if you’re also honest like me, you might notice that this isn’t always productive. 

You end up feeling frazzled, doing more than you need to and leaving jobs incomplete. 

This leads to distraction, distraction leads to feeling unaccomplished and unaccomplished leads to the lizard mind taking over and making you feel fearful and rushed again.

3. Do something daily that ignites your creativity

Creativity doesn’t mean get your Pablo Picasso paint brushes out and muster up a masterpiece, it means do something that inspires you, something that sets your soul on fire. 

Creativity is the opposite of fear. 

It’s trust, love, connection, and open-mindedness. 

If you do something daily that sparks you’re passion, you will start to move through the day with much more ease and a lot less effort. 

I found this book here truly amazing for unlocking my creativity 

check it out here.

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