10 Life Changing Habits for Happiness and Success

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This article will offer 10 life Changing Habits for Happiness and success. 
To allow you to live a life of excellence and awareness. 
Removing the destructive habits that stand in your way. 

Here is a list of ten practices/ Habits for Happiness I have implemented into my life by studying what these mega humans do to stay super.

“You have a choice! Live in excellence and awareness or live subject to the stereotypes of your subconscious habits” Yogi Bhajan   

Ever wondered how some people are always radiating vibrant energy, full of life and vigour. They get jobs done, generate success (whatever that means to you) yet still have time to live a life of leisure and happiness? 

I have always enjoyed studying these people and finding out what the most life living and life giving souls do differently. What are their Habits for Happiness.

here are the 10 Life-changing Habits for Happiness and Success



We live in a world that has become very selfish and dog eat dog.
This societal and competitive nature we have developed as humans has lead us to falsely believe that more is better. That happiness is something that can be bought in a store. 

Furthermore, people aren’t feeling grateful for their lives unless they have accumulated that next best thing. This is a recipe for unhappiness. 

Practicing been grateful for what you have right now and living in the present is the ultimate form of wealth. I physically practice gratitude in the morning by sitting for a few moments and saying out loud what I am grateful for today. 

When we practice gratitude it is also easier to give to others because we also learn that we have enough ourselves. And that the world works better through giving more not accumulating more. 
This might even be as simple as giving a smile, a tip, or a compliment

2. Exercise your body

Movement is medicine for the body and the mind. 

Because when we exercise daily, we are not only developing a longer lasting, stronger and healthier physical body. We are also creating a longer lasting, stronger and healthier mind/ mindset. 

Exercise releases endorphins, our natural happy chemicals that allow us to feel good. Therefore when we feel good about ourselves we treat ourselves better hence this creates a positive ripple effect, forming lasting and beneficial Habits for Happiness and success.

3. Condition your Thoughts

This comes down to mindfulness. 

Just as we have conditioned our unhealthy or destructive habits and thought patterns.
We can also reprogram and recondition ourselves to have beneficial and constructive Habits for Happiness and thought patterns.
Sometimes this ritual is as simple as watching what your mind is telling you and picking up on it. Then learning how to flip a negative destructive pattern to a positive constructive one. 

For example, “I feel tired and miserable today”. Whenever you catch yourself focusing on thoughts like this SWITCH TO “I feel alive and happy today”.
Keep doing these throughout your day and form a habit of faking it until you make it.
After-all, what you think on grows. So the more you feed the positive, the more the positive grows.

4. Embrace Uncertainty

An idea which is frequently mentioned alongside embracing uncertainty is that of leaning into discomfort.
When we take time to embrace uncertainty we are deliberately avoiding our usual instincts to avoid fear and suffering. Instead, we turn towards them and lean into them, to really understand them.
As we have all experienced with the current Covid 19 situation, life is continuously in flux. What is not in your control, you cannot do anything about.
Worrying about things in the future or things that are out of your control will not give you peace of mind.
Learning how to adapt, make peace with, or learn from a situation where life throws you bricks is what will allow you to thrive and survive.
Life is not about what happens to us, life is about how we choose to react to what happens to us. 

I use yoga and meditation as well as breathing exercises to bring me back to the present and bring me peace of mind.

5. Master your Money

I used to have an ongoing battle with finances and found it extremely challenging to work with numbers. I am a creative (ha ha) Maybe that says it all! 
Maybe this comes from childhood conditioning or a lack of respect for money. Whatever the cause was is less appropriate than finding the fix.
When I started to understand finances through business and necessity, I started to enjoy working with it more. 

I use a system called profit first that has undoubtedly been the saving grace to my personal and business finance. It is a system that gives me peace of mind. A key one of my Habits for Happiness.
By using simple systems like this we can banish a lot of the background stress and anxiety that plagues our modern lives. 
If finances cause you stress, You’re not alone, Visit the link below for profit first book.

Master your money change your life: Profit First Book

6. Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

Stopping negative self chat or negative chat in general reduces stress massively.
It can improve your physical and mental health. Something as simple as watching your thoughts and spoken words can dramatically change your life from one of stress and anxiety to one of happiness and success.

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely

Roald Dahl

Happy thoughts and actions create happy, confident and successful people. 

Watch your thoughts and words, if they are negative and don’t align with your true inner kind values you will feel frustrated because you are not living your truth.

7. Sit in Stillness

One of the best ways to still the mind and start to live with a higher version of yourself is to get out of the head altogether and come into the heart.
When we listen to the computer of the mind all day long and believe every story or thought is tells us, we are in danger of becoming enslaved to the mind.
The mind is a terrible master. 

To live a life of excellence and awareness, the first thing to know is that the mind is a liar and it generates fear based energies that we latch onto. We believe them and then feel doomed. When you sit in stillness and meditate on the breath and keep your awareness on stillness. You can watch the mind as if watching a play and detach yourself from your thoughts. Stillness is full of answers.

8. Wherever you are, be all there

Again, this is a practice of mindfulness and awareness. When you live a mindful life you life a full life. 

You do full jobs and complete tasks and even find enjoyment in the mundane.
If you begin washing the dishes with a focused mindset and a still head, instead of thinking what you need to do next or how many things you can do at once. You will start to enjoy these tasks more because you are relieving stress from the mind instead of dipping in and out of a thousand jobs and only doing half a job.

Here is one of my favorite books, a must read, about living a wholesome, aware and mindful life: 

Awareness by Anthony De Mello

9. Rest

To be productive in anyway, you must also rest in between.
How can you expect to live a happy, successful and giving life if your cups That way you can give your uttermost best to the task at hand, which will eventually give you the life you dream of, whatever that may be.

10. Trade Expectation for Appreciation

Appreciating is the simple act of recognizing or understanding that something is valuable, important and worthy. 

We expect so much in this life, we always want more. We are ready to reap the fruits of our labour, yet forget to appreciate how far we have come.
What we have already. And how we can utilise this for a happy life right now. 

If you can’t be happy right now with your old banger car, imperfect body and without that handbag you really desired, then you will never be happy if or when you have these things. Because happiness doesn’t come from what you get or expect to get, its comes from appreciating what you already have. 

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